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Total Community Action, Inc.’s (TCA) Office for Children, Youth, and Families (OCYF) is responsible for agency programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, and individuals. Programs administered by OCYF are designed to:
  • Promote the development of infants and toddlers and to enable their parents to fulfill their roles as parents and to move toward self-sufficiency,
  • Promote the school readiness of low-income children by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development in a learning environment that supports children’s growth in language, literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional function, creative arts, physical skills, and approaches to learning,
  • Assist individuals, families, and parents in developing, implementing, and evaluating a path out of poverty – moving toward self-sufficiency.
  • Help children to develop into healthy adults
OCYF has operational, administrative and programmatic oversight of all programs, services, and activities that directly impact children ages 0-11, their families, and individuals and families involved in the process of moving toward self-sufficiency. OCYF programs are designed to achieve the following outcomes
  • Individuals and families empowered to increase their own economic independence and productivity;
  • Strong, healthy, supportive communities that have a positive impact on the quality of life and the development of children;
  • Partnerships with institutions, organizations, individuals, and agencies that enable solutions which transcend traditional agency boundaries;
  • Services planned, reformed, and integrated to improve needed access;
  • Young children “ready” for school upon transition from Head Start; and
  • Strong, community-based support systems for children as they transition from childhood into their pre-teen years.
Programs and Initiatives:
  • Head Start
  • Total Family
  • Fatherhood/Male Involvement

Below is a complete listing of TCA Head Start Centers (Please note new phone numbers for Head Start Centers) :

Serving pregnant women, and infants 6 weeks — children age 4 Serving children 3 years – 4 years
Gentilly East Head Start Center
4347 Reynes St
New Orleans, LA 70126
(504) 325-5827
(504) 302-1584
Carrollton-Dunbar Head Start Center
9301 Colapissa St
New Orleans, LA 70118
Pearlie Hardin Elloie Head Start Center
3029 Wall Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70114
(504) 325-5807
(504) 941-7915
Diana Head Start Center
2144 Pace Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70114
(504) 325-5800
(504) 324-8851
James Singleton Head Start Center
14441 Curran Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70128
(504) 325-5839
(504) 309-5717
St. David Head Start Center
1230 Caffin Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 459-4845
(504) 267-3158
Magic Street Head Start at Fabourg Lafitte
2101 Lafitte St
New Orleans, LA 70122
(504) 577-2142
(504) 373-6951
Viney Reynolds Head Start Center
3501 Erato St.
New Orleans , LA 70113
(504) 459-4848
(504) 324-9062
TCA Head Start @ Mahalia Jackson
Serving pregnant moms Infants 6wks-children 5 yrs
2405 Jackson Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70113
(504) 359-6891
(504) 525-8338
Dr. Peter W. Dangerfield Head Start Training Center / Hope Early Head Start Center
1402 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy.
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 459-4820

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