Providing aid to low-­income residents of New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana.

All programs offered by TCA are eligible for individuals and families that are low to moderate income. Each program has its own individual income eligibility requirements. A limited number of programs serve age restrictions such as senior citizen services or youth services but they must also meet the income eligibility requirements. Community Services presently defined eligibility as up to 125% of the poverty level.

As  a  community  service  organization,  Total  Community  Action,  Inc.  continues  to  meet  the   objectives  and  goals  in  which  it  was  originally  established,  to  provide  aid  to  low-­income  residents   of New  Orleans  and  Southeast  Louisiana.  Our  programs  address  areas  deemed  critical  to  ensuring   the  future  of  our  community  at  large  and  we  have  channeled  our  efforts  and  resources  toward   Education,  Economic  Development,  and  Health  &  Wellness.    To  achieve  our  goals,  we  have   established  the  following  programs:

  • Energy Assistance
    We assist households in New Orleans to maintain affordable, continuous, and safe home energy.
  • Neighborhood Services
    TCA is a parish wide service agency for any and all eligible residents of Orleans Parish. We respond to the needs of our community through our decentralized, city-wide network.
  • Community Services
    Community Services is responsible for continuing to wage the direct war on poverty by developing and implementing programs that address the most serious needs of low-income residents.
  • Children, Youth, & Families
    Total Community Action, Inc.’s (TCA) Office for Children, Youth, and Families (OCYF) is responsible for agency programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, and individuals.
Employment Opportunities